A key project research progress seminar of the 2020 National Natural Science Foundation of China's was held

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On July 21, 2020, in order to promote sustainable academic collaboration between Southwest Jiaotong University and Wuhan University in related fields of the National Natural Science Foundation of China’s project, “Macro- and microscopic experiments and theories for the thermo-mechanical coupled cyclic deformation and fatigue failure of shape memory alloys” project, and to enhance the training of doctoral students, to discuss the latest developments in scientific research and its applications, as well as to share research results and improve the friendship between the two universities’ scientific research groups, a work progress seminar of 2020 National Natural Science Foundation of this project was held online via the Tencent Meeting by Southwest Jiaotong University.

Figure 1 Group photo of the seminar

Prof. Kang Guozheng, Kan Qianhua, and the Associate Prof. Yu Chao and the doctoral students of the research group from Southwest Jiaotong University, and Prof. Sun Qingping, Associate Prof. Yin Hao and doctoral students of the research group from Wuhan University took part in this seminar. First, Prof. Kang Guozheng introduced the project progress and the division of research group members, talked about the project’s general situation and the research directions of research group’s doctoral students. Then, Associate Prof. Yu Chao reported the progress. Then, Prof. Sun Qingping gave a brief introduction to the project progress and his research group members. Besides, Prof. Sun Qingping exchanged ideas with Prof. Kang Guozheng on the research contents and progress.

Next, the research groups form both Southwest Jiaotong University and Wuhan University respectively made more detailed progress reports. Associate Prof. Yu Chao from Southwest Jiaotong University gave a report on “Modeling the two-way shape memory and elastocaloric effects of bamboo-grained oligocrystalline shape memory alloy microwire”, Dr. Zhao Tianxing made a report on " Experimental study on multiaxial whole-life thermo-mechanical coupling fatigue of shape memory NiTi alloy", Dr. Xu Bo made a report on " Phase field simulation on the grain size dependent super-elasticity and shape memory effect of nanocrystalline NiTi shape memory alloy", and Dr. Zhang Yong made a report on "Crystal plasticity constitutive model of two-way shape memory effect".

After that, Associate Prof. Yin Hao gave a report on "Experimental and model study of NiTi cyclic phase transformation under stress cyclic loading", Dr. Chen Junyu gave a report on "Effects of grain size on fatigue crack growth behavior of NiTi alloy", Dr. Huang Kai made a report on "Effects of grain size on stress-assisted two-way memory effect of NiTi shape memory alloy", and Dr. Deng Zhongzheng made a report on "Invar, Elinvar and resistivity-invariant properties of cold-rolled NiTi alloy over a wide temperature window".

Finally, Prof. Kang Guozheng and Prof. Sun Qingping gave a summary on the progress of the project. The main purpose of this seminar is to to find the parts that have not yet made in-depth progress. Prof. Kang and Prof. Sun reached a consensus and wanted to complete the work together in the way of cooperation. And through this project, it can create a long cooperation atmosphere between the research groups and promote a further exploration in the field of NiTi shape memory alloys.